Bitcoin and Ethereum are shaking up: leverage trading, an opportunity or a risk?

The mastery of derivatives has become essential for crypto traders. In search of diversification, they use certain platforms to generate profits, regardless of the direction of the market. A real tool for strategic balance, one of these platforms has become in two years, a key player in the sector.

This promotional content is brought to you in collaboration with PrimeXBT .

An open door to diversification

PrimeXBT is not yet another trading platform with ambiguous attributes. We are talking about an industry leader here, with a daily volume of $ 545 million . This figure is key, since it guarantees a constant presence of liquidity, and prevents traders from being confronted with the phenomenon of slippage.

The attraction to the derivatives markets is not new in the crypto sphere. Indeed, this is different from traditional spot trading, where you buy and sell an asset at the market price. Derivatives – meanwhile – allow you to gain exposure to a desired crypto or market, without ever owning the asset in question. Here you are betting on the fall or rise of a value ( “short” or “long” ).

Derivatives have a special appeal when you want to balance your trading strategy. Too much exposure to a particular asset? You are free to “short” it to reap profits if the market turns around. These methods are particularly used by investment professionals, and they are now democratized thanks to PrimeXBT .

The great particularity of the platform is that it offers multi-environment trading . In addition to cryptocurrencies, you will be able to rub shoulders with the Forex , S&P 500 and Gold markets .

The margin trading is possible on Prime XBT, with a leverage of up to x100 on cryptomonnaies, commodities and stock indices, and up to x1000 on trade in foreign currency (Forex). Be careful, however, if leverage can multiply gains , they also accelerate losses in case of movement in the wrong direction!

An exceptional infrastructure

PrimeXBT offers a robust trading system for beginner and professional traders . To achieve this, the entire infrastructure is designed to facilitate high number of commands per second and extreme loads, while providing ultra-fast execution and low latency.

Cryptomonnaies Adoption

The derivatives market platform also offers a copytrading activity . Thanks to a partnership set up with the company Covesting , you will be able to copy the strategies of professional traders. All you have to do is choose the trader you want to copy, set the amount of your choice and reap the potential returns.

Safety is at the heart of the company’s concerns. The majority of crypto-assets are held via cold wallets . This means that they are kept in a completely secure offline environment . Prime XBT goes even further, and uses multi-signature wallets . Thus, internal transactions must be validated by several entities.

Making the right decision in your choice of derivatives platform is essential. It must be robust and efficient, have significant liquidity and offer an ultra secure environment. Today, these attributes are what make PrimeXBT, a key player in derivatives, so successful.

Bitcoin ahora se acerca más a los $ 42,000 batiendo sus propios récords anteriores

A pesar de las ganancias y el continuo aumento en el precio de Bitcoin, muchos críticos anticipan un potencial estallido de esta „burbuja“.

Bitcoin (BTC) ha continuado deleitando a los inversores, ya que se ha disparado más allá de la marca de precio de $ 41,000, un nuevo récord histórico y batiendo sus propios récords anteriores

Conforme para CoinMarketCap, un Crypto Cash ahora vale tanto como $ 41,934 al momento de escribir este artículo y representa una ganancia de más del 8.7% en las últimas 24 horas.

Bitcoin continúa deleitando a sus tenedores, así como a los nuevos inversores, ya que las obvias ganancias de precios son sinónimo de ganancias, particularmente para aquellos que han tomado una posición con la moneda en un momento anterior. El repunte en 2020 se atribuyó principalmente a las principales instituciones de todo el mundo que compraron la moneda, mientras que el repunte actual se ha atribuido a un aumento en la compra por parte de los inversores minoristas que temen perderse esta carrera alcista actual.

A pesar de las ganancias y el continuo aumento en el precio de Bitcoin, muchos críticos anticipan un potencial estallido del crecimiento que etiquetan como una burbuja. Sin embargo, la anticipación de una corrección de precios no ha disuadido a los nuevos inversores ni ha incitado a los antiguos a vender sus ganancias acumuladas, un movimiento que puede acelerar las profecías de estos críticos.

Impacto de los inversores minoristas en el aumento de precios de Bitcoin a nuevos récords
Sin lugar a dudas, la mayor parte del BTC en circulación actualmente se encuentra dentro de las arcas de menos del 5% de los inversores que han tomado posición en Bitcoin. Si bien una mayoría del 5% incluye adoptantes institucionales y los inversores individuales muy ricos, los datos de los intercambios de criptomonedas centrados en el comercio minorista revelan que los inversores minoristas ayudaron a impulsar significativamente el precio de Bitcoin más allá del punto de referencia de $ 41,000.

los Revolut La aplicación informó que registró alrededor de 300,000 nuevos clientes de criptomonedas durante los últimos 30 días, ya que bitcoin probó niveles de precios nuevos y más altos y eToro notó que tenía un 61% más de titulares de bitcoins únicos el 4 de enero que el año anterior, y un 49% más. poseedores únicos de ether, otra moneda virtual conforme a un informe de CNBC.

Dado que el mercado parece estar abarrotado, los analistas creen que incluso si hay una corrección de precios en este momento, la tendencia general de bitcoin es alcista

„Habrá volatilidad, lo cual es natural después de las ganancias que hemos visto, pero la tendencia a largo plazo es clara“, Simon Peters, analista de mercado de eToro, dijo a CNBC. „Crypto se está moviendo hacia la corriente principal, y cada vez más inversores están agregando exposición“.

Pero pendiente de cuándo esta volatilidad empujará el precio de Bitcoin por debajo del soporte actual establecido en $ 41,000, la criptoesfera anticipa qué tan alto llegará esta carrera alcista.

After valuation of 600%, Ethereum price may break R$ 7,500 in 2021

Two analyses on altcoin suggest a break in the historical price record this year.

An analysis published about the price of Ethereum (ETH) in the market points out that cryptomoeda should exceed the value of R$ 7,5 thousand still in 2021. According to the video published by specialist Michaël van de Poppe on Youtube, this year altcoin should break the historical maximum in Brazilian Real.

However, before surpassing the amount of R$ 7,5 thousand on the market, the price of Ethereum (ETH) should suffer a correction. Poppe points out that soon cryptomeda may drop up to US$ 450, or even R$ 2,375.

Besides suggesting the rupture of the value of R$ 7,5 thousand, the ETH analysis bets that the cryptomoeda can be worth up to US$ 2 thousand in a scenario of great valuation, or, more than R$ 10 thousand. According to Michaël van de Poppe, the market will witness the historical high of Ethereum being broken on the first 2021 quarter.

Ethereum price at R$ 7,500

The Ethereum price record at the beginning of 2018 was almost US$ 1.4 thousand, and considering the U.S. dollar exchange rate, altcoin should surpass about R$ 7.5 thousand in current values to reach the historical record in reais.

For analyst Michaël van de Poppe, altcoin will have a valuation rally soon after facing a correction. With this wave of valorization, the analysis shows that the break of the historical value of ETH should happen between January and March 2021.

„Maybe in the first quarter of 2021 we will see a rally towards the high of all times“.

ETH Correction

The price of Ethereum rose more than 14% by the end of the afternoon this Monday (4) and accumulates an increase of 41.22% in the quotation in the last seven days on the market. With this increase, altcoin can suffer a correction, according to Poppe’s analysis.

Besides foreseeing an increase on the ETH price on the market, which can be worth more then US$ 2 thousand, the analyst makes an alert about the buying moment of altcoin, which can drop to US$ 450.

„Ethereum to more than US$ 2 thousand. If I say I’m waiting or wanting the ether to reach 450 dollars based on the chart, it doesn’t mean that you should buy“.

Valorization of 600%

In 2020, the price of Ethereum accumulated a higher valuation than Bitcoin Loophole review performance in the same period. In the case of altcoin, the increase throughout the year exceeded 600%.

ETH 2021 Price Chart (Preproduction/Market Bitcoin)

According to the Bitcoin Market Cryptography, the price of ETH has overcome two resistances recently, and can follow a valuation wave of up to US% 1.4 thousand.

„ETH was one of the few cryptocaps to appreciate more than BTC in 2020, over 600%. We recently overcame two resistors and are already reaching the possible top of the channel, but the next major resistance for ETH is certainly at its historic top around $1,400.“

In other words, just like Michaël van de Poppe’s analysis, Bitcoin Market analyst Thales Inada points to a historical price break for altcoin. Considering the dollar around US$ 5,20, this break in US$ 1.427 would correspond to US$ 7.250, according to Bitcoin Market.

„Trying to adapt the values in dollars, assuming the stable exchange rate at the current level of R$ 5,20, the historical top in dollars would be equivalent to R$ 7.250“.