Bitcoin and Ethereum are shaking up: leverage trading, an opportunity or a risk?

The mastery of derivatives has become essential for crypto traders. In search of diversification, they use certain platforms to generate profits, regardless of the direction of the market. A real tool for strategic balance, one of these platforms has become in two years, a key player in the sector.

This promotional content is brought to you in collaboration with PrimeXBT .

An open door to diversification

PrimeXBT is not yet another trading platform with ambiguous attributes. We are talking about an industry leader here, with a daily volume of $ 545 million . This figure is key, since it guarantees a constant presence of liquidity, and prevents traders from being confronted with the phenomenon of slippage.

The attraction to the derivatives markets is not new in the crypto sphere. Indeed, this is different from traditional spot trading, where you buy and sell an asset at the market price. Derivatives – meanwhile – allow you to gain exposure to a desired crypto or market, without ever owning the asset in question. Here you are betting on the fall or rise of a value ( “short” or “long” ).

Derivatives have a special appeal when you want to balance your trading strategy. Too much exposure to a particular asset? You are free to “short” it to reap profits if the market turns around. These methods are particularly used by investment professionals, and they are now democratized thanks to PrimeXBT .

The great particularity of the platform is that it offers multi-environment trading . In addition to cryptocurrencies, you will be able to rub shoulders with the Forex , S&P 500 and Gold markets .

The margin trading is possible on Prime XBT, with a leverage of up to x100 on cryptomonnaies, commodities and stock indices, and up to x1000 on trade in foreign currency (Forex). Be careful, however, if leverage can multiply gains , they also accelerate losses in case of movement in the wrong direction!

An exceptional infrastructure

PrimeXBT offers a robust trading system for beginner and professional traders . To achieve this, the entire infrastructure is designed to facilitate high number of commands per second and extreme loads, while providing ultra-fast execution and low latency.

Cryptomonnaies Adoption

The derivatives market platform also offers a copytrading activity . Thanks to a partnership set up with the company Covesting , you will be able to copy the strategies of professional traders. All you have to do is choose the trader you want to copy, set the amount of your choice and reap the potential returns.

Safety is at the heart of the company’s concerns. The majority of crypto-assets are held via cold wallets . This means that they are kept in a completely secure offline environment . Prime XBT goes even further, and uses multi-signature wallets . Thus, internal transactions must be validated by several entities.

Making the right decision in your choice of derivatives platform is essential. It must be robust and efficient, have significant liquidity and offer an ultra secure environment. Today, these attributes are what make PrimeXBT, a key player in derivatives, so successful.