Record fundraiser: BitPanda attracts $ 52 million and becomes “the new European giant”

On Tuesday, September 29, the Bitpanda company announced a record fundraising of $ 52 million. This liquidity will be used to consolidate the position of the Austrian firm, within the European leaders of trading platforms.

This is a promotional article written in collaboration with BitPanda.

Record fundraising

Bitcoin Pro has indeed attracted the attention of many investors in recent months. Valar Ventures, co-founded by Peter Thiel, is considered a major player. The latter is renowned for having a fine nose. He notably co-founded PayPal, alongside Elon Musk, and was also one of Facebook’s first investors.

Peter is now convinced of the potential of cryptocurrencies and sees the real interest of Bitpanda. In addition, his company Valar Ventures manages more than $ 1.3 billion , spread over many benchmark Fintechs such as N26 or TransferWise.

SpeedInvest also wished to participate in the development of Bitpanda. This multinational draws its strength from “sectoral” diversification . This is invested in around a hundred innovative projects focused on Fintech, health and artificial intelligence. 40 professional investors thus manage a fund of 400 million euros across Europe.

Bitpanda’s appetite is insatiable : the company wants to drastically accelerate its development.

70 new positions should be created before the end of 2020.

The company doubled its revenue in 2020, thanks to its 1.3 million users .

After France, Spain and Turkey, Bitpanda is tackling new European markets

Democratize investment

Through these various measures, Bitpanda’s objective is to establish itself as a European leader in the very promising cryptocurrency market. The interest of the platform is to offer intuitive tools , and allow everyone to invest. This democratization of investment is reflected in varied and adapted solutions.

The most seasoned users will thus be able to benefit from an innovative trading platform . Indeed, the platform offers to exchange up to 44 assets, all powered by cutting-edge technology, allowing competitive fees . The company also announced its willingness to develop “ more innovative trading and investment methods ” at the end of 2020.

However, Eric Demuth (CEO of Bitpanda) really wants to democratize investment, especially for people who do not have specific knowledge in the field. Thus, the platform will offer less risky investment solutions such as savings. When it comes to fund security, Bitpanda is at the forefront, both in terms of infrastructure and security.

“Personal investment” appeals to individuals, and there is good reason. Bitpanda offers a complete arsenal to regain control of its finances and take advantage of the opportunities offered by decentralization. Cryptocurrencies are indeed an unprecedented solution to get rid of monetary policies and thus escape inflation.